Boat Carpet, Deck and Flooring Material

Exposed to the elements, boat flooring can rot out over time. Carpet gets dingy and, well, gross. Refresh your boat with new boat carpeting and flooring from Great Lakes Skipper. Our huge discount inventory includes vinyl flooring, teak flooring, nonskid flooring, snap-in carpet, marine carpeting, pontoon carpeting, and more flooring options for your boat. Shop GLS and save big on all kinds of boat flooring materials. 

Carpets and Flooring Materials by category


GLS Stock #: 1075503-5R412 - 5R432


GLS Stock #: 1075505-5R392


GLS Stock #: 1074697-5R312


GLS Stock #: 1074732-5R313


GLS Stock #: 1074693-5R292


GLS Stock #: 1074733-5R352


GLS Stock #: 1074735-5R352


GLS Stock #: 1074737-5R352


GLS Stock #: 1074750-5R352


GLS Stock #: 1074752-5R392


GLS Stock #: 1074755-5R372


GLS Stock #: 1074706-5R352